December 20, 2018

Based on a compilation of median price data from four real estate companies plus a comparison of price points in the top 15 highest-ranking markets, the Robb Report came up with a top 10 lineup of the most expensive neighborhoods in the U.S., and Port Royal took the number one spot.

Port Royal was named after the 17th Century Jamaican city which became famous as a destination for privateers and smugglers. The streets today still carry names reminiscent of that era including Rum Row, Gin Lane, Galleon Drive, and Buccaneers Roost.

A majority of the homes in Port Royal are situated along the water with private beaches and wide, deep-water canals giving direct access to the Gulf. These man-made peninsulas were engineered in the early ’50s with the help of Port Royal’s founder, John Glenn Sample, and took many years and millions of dollars to complete – $3.5 million of Mr. Sample’s personal funds.

There are currently 47 active listings in Port Royal ranging in price from $3.2 million to $49.5 million. A total of 38 homes were sold in the last twelve months with the most expensive property closing at $48.8 million in June. The purchase of a Port Royal home also includes membership to the revered Port Royal Club which includes gourmet dining options, private beach access, a beach-side pool, fitness center, spa services, tennis facilities, and a line up of social events. The demand for this area is fairly consistent with the ultra-wealthy often not feeling the same fluctuations as the rest of the real estate market.


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