Naples Park is  a sought-after location in SWFL, but at what price?

Buying a home, whether it is a primary residence or second home, is a commitment, and there are many things to consider. The home you buy should be affordable, yet offer the size, features, and amenities you and your family want. 

There are a variety of homes at various sizes and prices in Naples Park,  and residents refer to the area as “The Park.”   This sought-after location is about convenience, fine dining and shopping; and ultimately, Vanderbilt Beach.  Typically, you’ll pay a premium to be closer to the beach, especially near the sugary sands of Naples’ beaches!  

While houses in Old Naples, which are near the Naples Pier, are currently $995,000 to $10,695,000 (click here to see all active listings in Old Naples), you can buy a house in Naples Park at prices that start around $259,000 to a little over $1 million.  Click here to see all the active listings that are available in Naples Park as of January 2020.   

As a real estate agent with listings in Naples Park, I get a lot of people looking  for a smaller house or a home in need of updates to get closer to the beach, and they are frequently looking under $300,000.  However, there are not a lot of properties available at that price point.  There are approximately 3,500 homes in Naples Park and only about ten active listings under $350,000.  Here are a handful of properties under $400,000 in Naples Park.  Also, houses at the $400,000 and under price point do not typically have updated kitchens and must-have features like quark or granite countertops.  

While upgrades can add to the enjoyment of your home, I always tell my customers not to let improvements be the deciding factor; if you can see yourself living in the property, consider making an offer because houses in “The Park” do not stay on the market long.

Just as important is how your home is designed.  The number of bedrooms and baths should suit your household members, and the layout should suit your lifestyle, but again, no home is perfect and sometimes it is better to get a kitchen that isn’t exactly what you want at an affordable price to fix up down the road to stay within your budget.

For budgeting, your monthly payments should be comfortable for you to handle, in relationship to your total obligations, about 28 percent of gross monthly income. Your house payment and your debts should not exceed 36 percent of your income, including revolving credit, student loans, and child support. You should also be in the correct loan for your needs. A fixed rate is more expensive, but offers more protection than an adjustable rate mortgage that can reset to a higher amount, making your monthly payments higher.

Also, consider the monthly operating costs of the home including utilities, HOA fees, landscaping, commuting, and other costs.  Naples Park does not have HOA fees and not a lot of restrictions, which is another reason it is becoming so popular.  Investors looking for rental and vacation properties are constantly looking for bargains in “The Park.”  

If you are a permanent resident, you also have to think about your commutes to frequent destinations, including jobs, schools, family and friends. To get “more house” or “newer house,”  you may have to move further away from core city centers because when it comes down to it, affordability is really the most important.

All in all, Naples Park has more to offer than just being near the beaches; you can bike to play tennis, racquetball, and basketball at Pelican Bay Community Park.  There’s a plethora of upscale shopping and dining minutes away at Mercato, Pelican Bay Marketplace, or Pavillion Shops.  Transportation on highway 75 to the SWFL airport is less than 30 minutes away. 

Whether, you are looking in Old Naples or Naples Park, with professional guidance, you should be able to find and buy the home of your dreams.


Featured house under $350,000:

Featured house over $350,000 — closer to the beach on the sought-after 500th block:

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