French “pamonha salgada!”

Naples has many restaurants with delicious cuisine prepared by executive chefs.  One local chef in Naples Park, Chef Alain Petitbon, provides gourmet dinners, cocktail parties, private cooking classes, and meal preparations, and he volunteered  this recipe for your enjoyment.

The recipe is a delicious and easy to make appetizer, inspired by the famous Brazilian “pamonha.”  This tasty treat consists of a little pocket made with corn husk, which used to hold poached cream of corn.  It is served sweet or salted and is perfectly paired with a traditional margarita to relish in the Southwest Florida fiery sunset!

INGREDIENTS: 10 appetizersphoto1
3 corn ears (cut off the kernels of the cobb)
1 frozen bag of cream of corn 13 oz.
1 tbsp. corn flour
2 tbsp. of olive oil
6 oz. ground chorizo (Quijote preferred), sautéed, and drained of excess fat
8 oz. sharp grated cheddar cheese
Salt, white pepper, and cayenne pepper
10, 4oz ramequins (china or aluminum)

In a blender, add the kernels, the cream of corn, the corn flour, and season to taste.


Blend for a minute then add the olive oil (hot) and continue to blend for 15 seconds.

Spray the ramequins with non-stick oil then add in each:  Tbsp. of chorizo,  a tbsp. of cheese, and then fill with your blended preparation.

Steam in a bamboo steamer for 15 minutes; meanwhile, go and prepare the MARGARITAS!!

Flip the “flans” onto small plates, garnish with Thai basil and cilantro! ENJOY!